Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #21

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Fascinating by this idea of playing a physical "video game" where you only move once a day. Slow games beautiful blur the lines between art, design, and entertainment. 
  2. Never considered creating savory french toast but bacon and cheese stuffed french toast instantly changes that.  
  3. Drafted in the second round by the Toronto Blue Jays right out of high school , Daniel Norris received a 2 million dollar signing bonus and he is currently living in an old VW bus by the beach before spring training starts. He is quickly becoming my favorite baseball player. 
  4. Casey Neistat give a tour of his awesome office/work space. It was very difficult suppressing the resulting office envy. From the video, I stumbled onto his excellent talk "Ideas are Easy - Execution is Everything
  5. I love finding other photographers pushing the edge of what is possible. Susan Burnstine builds her own cameras and lenses to create these hauntingly stunning images. 
  6. Just finished Ben Horowitz's "The Hard Thing about Hard Things: Building a Business When There are No Easy Answers" and this perfect sums up how Ben navigated extremely difficult situations he faced. While certain piece of advice didnt apply to my sole entrepreneurial situation, the biggest take away was that there is always an option. even if it seems impossible.