a lot of discomfort is a good thing.....

Things change so much… You start off as something and, hopefully, you evolve into something else — and you keep doing so throughout. And that’s only possible if you don’t know stuff in advance… You commit to something, and then you find out… At some point, you discover what you’re really into about the subject.
It all comes down to balls — do you have the balls to put yourself on a cabaret stool every once in a while and go, “Hey everybody, I’m going to do this – if you like it, you like it; if you don’t like it, sorry.” I’m not here to please everybody. If one can live with this diverse opinion of oneself, it’s better – then you can really do what you want. If you let critical dialogue and things people say about you stop you, then it’s a shame.
A lot of discomfort is a good thing.
— Isaac Mizrahi

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