Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume # 24

Start your Monday off right:

The Monday Morning Dispatch is coming out a little late due to my son, Miles, graciously sharing a stomach bug with me. I came home from work last night and immediately started throwing up. So this week's list will be a little shorter than normal but I promise next week's Dispatch will return to its normal size. 

  1. Jealous of these balconies and outdoor spaces in NYC. 
  2. Photos of Sofia, Bulgaria paired with whimsical monsters   
  3. Bucket board. An artist took the challenge of building something he loves out a trash
  4. Kelli Anderson is a designer who first catch my attention for here paper record player wedding invite.  Her video for adobe includes a brilliant functional pop up book 
  5. "Repetition makes permanent, but it’s no way to spend our lives. The muse gets bored quickly." David DuChemin