a potential little antidote to my fear

Everyone should write a blog, every day, even if no one reads it. There’s countless reasons why it’s a good idea and I can’t think of one reason it’s a bad idea.

If you know you have to write a blog post tomorrow, something in writing, something that will be around 6 months from now, about something in the world, you will start looking for something in the world to write about. You will seek to notice something interesting and to say something creative about it. Well, isn’t that all we’re looking for? The best practice of generously sharing what you notice about the world is exactly the antidote for your fear.
— Seth Godin

Over the years, I have learned to recognize the ideas that wont let go of me. The ones that hit me and leave a permanent mark. Seth Godin's thoughts on a daily blog is the most recent one to take hold. I have seen the power of the daily task with the #sheetburner project. My photography has grown immensely from the first image 75 days ago to today. It hasnt been easy. Starting the project in the dead of winter was probably my first mistake. Choosing the wrong coat or forgetting my gloves only increased the coffee shop stops needed to return my body temperature to a "normal" level. But in a weird way, those struggles make the nearing end more special. I have notebooks filled with half thoughts and ideas. Why not share them? Give them a chance to breath? So I will give Seth Godin's advice a try and see what happens.