Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #23

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. If I was a billionaire, trying to find the wreckage of the 70,000 ton Japanese battleship, Musashi, would not be how I spent my time or money. Paul Allen disagrees. Last week, his team located the largest battleship ever launched and sunk in the Battle of of Leyte Gulf. 
  2. LEMON MERINGUE PIE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES ....I think all caps properly expresses my excitement 
  3. Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger jokingly challenged each other to recreate (at that moment) the most expensive photograph. The quest launched the two to recreate other historic images using meticulously faithful dioramas.
  4. Raymond Lemstra's series, Crumbs, is hard to describe but definitely awesome. To me, it feels like portraits of monsters dreamed up by a 4 year old.  
  5. I am always amazed how Brook Shaden creates her amazing images. She recorded the entire process required to make "Blue Sky Days".  
  6. My soft spot for typography and hand lettering  probably a result of learning to write cursive with a fountain pen in Dutch elementary school.  Gemma O'Brien's work is clean and graceful in all the right ways. In the coming month, I am moving my office out of the basement into the spare bedroom upstairs. I hope to create a huge chalk board wall in part to learn how to create this giant pieces. 
  7. Two sister from rural South Dakota moved to NYC to pursue careers in the arts and finance and ended up opening Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. Just be warned that the photos alone might cause weight gain. As an extra bonus, they graciously included a recipe for their  Salted Caramel Apple pie.