My #sheetburner project gear

With the #sheetburner project's initial run of 100 images nearing an end, I thought I would share the gear that I used to create all the images.  The central element is the 1960 Crown Graphic 4x5 camera with the DIY pinhole lens. I purchased a sacrificial Holga camera and removed the shutter/lens unit off the camera body. The lens snapped off with little resistance. The F400 pinhole easily glued on over the lens hole. The tricky part was gluing the shutter onto the lens board. I managed to super glue the shutter closed on my first two attempts. On the third attempt. I succeeded in properly securing the shutter but ended up with the trigger on the top rather than the side. The new trigger location took a little time to get used to but after so many images, I no longer think about it. 

The rest of the gear is fairly standard for large format photography. I own 7 film holder which hold 2 sheets of film each giving me a total of 14 available frames in one outing. Since the camera weighs a couple pounds, a tri-pod is necessary to get a "sharp" image. I found that a manual light meter is the easiest thing to carry with all the other heavy gear. 

I also carry a Fuji Polaroid film back and FP-100C film with me. People on the street often ask me about the camera and it makes their day to hand them a Polaroid. 

Hope this gives you a better idea what I am carrying around the streets of Philadelphia to create the #sheetburner project.