Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #22

Start your Monday off right:


  1. Dotan Negrin quit his job, bought an upright piano and a box truck, and traveled from NYC to Costa Rica playing music. What's your crazy idea? 
  2. Have you ever dream of building a house at the top of a ski jump? You may after seeing this gorgeous AirBNB pad
  3. The stunning blend of dance and motion capture video 
  4. Cheddar cheese broccoli tots.....Yes, please!  
  5. An artist in Argentine built a book "tank" out of an 1979 Ford Falcon carrying 900 books in the greatest roving library ever. Wish I had a Weapon of Mass Instructions in my town.
  6.  "Today is Pi day, the 14th day of the 3rd month of the fifteenth year… 3.1415. Pi is our most famous irrational number. Not irrational in the sense that it’s a foolish argument, a form of wishing for one thing while doing another. No, pi is irrational in a magical, beautiful sense. It can’t be cropped off and fit into a box. The closer you look at pi, the more you see, forever.

    And that sort of irrational magic is at the heart of our best work. Meeting spec works fine as long as you’re the only person who has to meet spec. But in any competitive environment, fitting into a box does us little good.

    To be transcendent and irrational is to always have a few more digits to spare, to demand that you not be rounded off and filed away. To be human." Seth Godin 
  7. A world without advice. Its natural to seek others advice when you encounter a problem. However, you will only solve the problem how others in the past have solved the problem. I understand the frustration of trying out a potential solution only to have wasted time, energy, and money. It is a mistake to assume the project was a completely waste as the knowledge gain often leads to solution down the road. Those little pieces of knowledge gained accumulate into potential advantages.