Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #19

  1. The folks over at Popular Mechanics broke down the science of making the best cup of coffee. Once you get the brewing down, I cant recommend enough finding the freshest highest quality beans you can. A great cup of coffee is almost unrecognizable to the brown liquid being sold in convenience stores and the large commercial chains. 
  2. For the tea drinkers, Serious Eats highlights a few of the best places to discover high quality loose leaf tea online. A few of the shops import various teas directly from the farmers in Asia. The variety on offer is staggering. I am now struggling to suppress the urge to try them all. 
  3. Ryan Hewett's brightly passionate and colorful portraits grabbed my attention this week. I spent more than  30 straying at the screen wishing that I could stand in front of the real painting. Maybe I can figure out how to do this with my camera. 
  4. Haunting art on Euro banknotes 
  5. "To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable." C.S.Lewis 
  6. The power of persistence. A guy places table tennis every day for a year
  7. Absolutely stunning sketchbook from Pat Perry 
  8. How to Hack your Athletic and Creative Performance. Steven Kotler explored how extreme athletes have redefined what we thought physically possible with the help of flow. His book, "Rise of Superman", was an excellent read and thoroughly insightful. Even after reading the book, this interview provided any further insights into the natural process of flow.