Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #16

Start your Monday off right:

  1. This gorgeous pre-fab house's bedroom with the giant sky light opening up to the trees would be an amazing way to watch the setting sun through the leafy canopy. Add a lake nearby and you have close to a perfect house. 
  2. With the same finesse and control of an orchestra conductor, the chief controls two giant backhoes breaking off massive chucks of prized Italian granite 
  3. The barbers of NYC is a diverse cast of characters to say the least. The French Photographer, Franck Bohbot, captured them in their as equally diverse shops. 
  4. Stumbled on a video of Brian Biellmann's stunning surfing photographer and the images he creates off the North Shore of Hawaii took my breath away (particularly the underwater shots). 
  5. Close to 6 years ago, 9 students in Seth Godin's Alternative MBA program created a list of 999 business ideas. Fun to scroll through and see what ideas have already been covered and how many remain open. The point is also to recognize that ideas are worthless unless it is followed up by action. 
  6. Frank Chimero illustrated how to generate an idea when you feel stuck. Creativity is not magic. All it requires is connect two seemly different ideas together and than testing it out. 

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