Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #57

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Less than 5 minutes and only using a microwave to make this chocolate pudding (looks more like a soft cake but who I am to disagree with the chef). Its so easy that even I could "bake" it. 
  2. The artist, Luca Iaconi-Stewart, created a 1:60 paper model of a Boeing 777 using 100 manila envelopes. The video shows him painstakingly assembling the seats which actually recline and move like the real life versions. 
  3. Two skiers employ color changing LED suits to sky down a mountain at night. The beautiful Afterglow reflecting off the snow and trees to light the path. The Making Of video is equally as fascinating. 
  4. Architect, Jim Olson, was given $500 while in architect school and told to build a bunk house by the water. The house currently standing is the results of years applied to his craft. Absolutely gorgeous house. 
  5. This Translucent Cube Hides Six Handpainted Anamorphic Images . The video is mesmerizing as different images appear as the cube is rotated. 
  6. A pinhole camera is such a simple design that Kellie Anderson could create a camera out of a popup book. A great combination of fun and functional. 
  7. Creativity needs limits to push against. We often dream of that point in time where we no longer have to battle the constraints of money, time, and requirements. However, the dreamed freedom makes creative thought challenging. 
  8. Would you be friends with someone if they talked to you the way you talk to yourself? I doubt it. We expect perfection from ourselves every single time and then blame ourselves for any failure. Our negative attitude to ourselves limits are ability to change events. The first step to taking control is learning to be kind to yourself.