Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #59

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. As the Christmas season is nearing a close, all the seasonal cookies at Trader Joe's also disappear. Daily, I have to deliver the bad news that a person's favorite cookie wont return for another year. Here is a recipe for chocolate covered candy cane Joe Joes to help get through it. 
  2. Want to flex your culinary muscle while building a more impressive cheese plate? The butcher, Bryan Mayer, shares his recipe for pate, mousse, and rillettes
  3. Timing is everything in photography. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards celebrates the hilarious "failures" while capturing majestic animals 
  4. A 5-story condo building in Turin, Italy merges modern steal structures with a treehouse aesthetics. The trees and plants introduced into the design help reduce noise pollution as well moderating seasonal temperature swings.  
  5. A Norwegian adventurer attempted to live a year on an extremely remote lake in the Northwest Territories living off the land and lake. In the end, he could "only" last 6 months. The big takeaway for him was that  "We're not made to be by ourselves."
  6. Bloomberg asked writers, designers, and producers what is the article that they wished they had written that year. This single question sparked the aptly titled Jealously List
  7. I am generally not a fan of those list posts that frequently show up. However, 35 Things You Should Know Before Becoming “Successful” is the rare exception. It starts off by reminding you that "It’s Never As Good As You Think It Will Be".
  8. Most articles discussing creativity deal with how to be more creative day to day. Steven Kotler tries to tackle how to be creative for a lifetime as he puts it long haul creativity