Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #58

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. The faint rumble you hear in the background is the avalanche of deserts heading our way. To add to the sugar wave, I suggest trying out this delicious rugelach (dont ask me to say it but I will gladly eat all of it), 46 cookies from around the world, or this collection of gluten free cookies
  2. The photographer, Lori Nix, painstakingly constructs a scene for months before she fires a single frame. She explains her process during a tour of her studio. I spent a while clicking around her portfolio examining each set. 
  3. The author, Jessie Itzler, didnt realize what he was getting himself into when he asked a Navy Seal to live with his family for a month. He learned the key to pushing past mental barriers
  4.  TED speakers offer their book recommendations 
  5. A John Hopkin's study points to that having more stuff actually makes us less creative. The idea is that creativity thrives while under constraints. Affluence removes a certain number of those constraints reducing the number of catalysts prompting creativity.
  6. “Once we become used to not being creative — to being merely passive consumers — it seems that the creativity muscle begins to atrophy, which does not bode well for future generations,” Ravi Mehta 
  7. Slacklife looks a group of crazy individuals who attached a slack line across unimaginable distances and just step foot onto the wobbly line. Beautifully shot and absolutely terrifying watching them go across these distances. While we are on the subject of people out of their minds, check out Danny MacAskill ride his bike across the rooftops of Gran Canaria.