The early pinhole days - Part 2 of my Journey

The fact that I properly exposed the very first roll of film shot with a pinhole camera still blows my mind. The Holga pinhole that I mistakenly purchased has the worst "exposure" guide ever included with a camera. 

Fine Weather       1.5-3 secs
Overcast           4-6 secs
Morning or dusk    7 secs upward 

There is no mention of ISO or how to even calculate the proper exposure. With the nativity which comes from zero experience, I wandered around Ambler and quickly burned through that roll of film.  I am not sure what was I expected to be on the film but I was happily surprised with the results. In all honesty, I can't really remember seeing any "pinhole" photographs prior to seeing my own efforts. The results felt how memories become hazy with the passage of time. You remember the key features but everything else surrounding it is fuzzy.

This roll sparked my curiosity. I began to regularly use the pinhole camera with varying degrees of success. I quickly and painfully discovered how inadequate the exposure guide was. I still can remember multiple times pulling the reels out of the developing tanks to discover absolutely nothing on each roll of film. My challenge became consistently achieving a proper exposure rather than capturing anything interesting. 

My experimentation with the pinhole camera was merely a side project until I created the image below. The combination of majestic architecture, blur of traffic, and the lone ghostly figuring standing in the median. I never seen anything like it much less created. In a split second, I knew that I wanted to explore the reaches of what I could create with nothing more than a box, a tiny hole, and film.