Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #48

Start your Monday off right:

  1. If you opened my fridge right now, you could find at least 4 different hot sauces/spreads from around the world. Yet, I had never considered making my own. This carrot habanero hot sauce might be my first attempt. 
  2. The artist, Chet Abraham, is creatively turning simple road signs around Florence, Italy into funny art pieces 
  3. The 2015 World Mustache and Beard Championship. Your welcome 
  4. The Murals in the Market Festival in Detroit produced 45 beautiful murals across the neighborhood. I wish more neighborhoods/towns would embrace these art projects and bring the art onto the streets. 
  5. "Frustration is not an interruption of the process, frustration is the process." Elizabeth Gilbert hits on a huge part of the creative process that isn't often talked about. People want a short cut or a hack to overcome the frustration. But in doing so, you interfere with the discovery process that is required to solve the creative problem. 
  6. Seth Godin hit on a vital point that feeling like a failure and actually failing are very different things. Feeling like a failure is a result of the stories we tell ourselves. Therefore, success will not change that feeling only changing the story. The first step to doing that is recognizing that those feelings are own. 
  7. 7 writers reflect on failure