Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #52

Start your Monday off right:

  1. I am not a baker. I don't follow recipes or even constantly measure ingredients. If you ask me how I made something, I struggle to translate my method into a repeatable recipe. So I get pretty excited anytime when I find a cookie recipe that only has 4 ingredients. These salted peanut butter cookies look delicious and easy to make.  
  2. Street artists, Micheal Pederson and Obvious Plant, each install hilarious signs in public. 
  3. The fascinating story of the Bournemouth rising from the very lowest ranks of English soccer to play with the giant clubs. 
  4. A 6th grader from New York City started an company, Diceware, to create unique random passwords which are incredibly difficult to hack. 
  5. Federico Pietrella uses a simply ink stamp to create beautiful portrait
  6. “My experience has been that most really serious creative people I know have very, very routine and not particularly glamorous work habits.” –John C. Adams
  7. Maker vs Management schedule. Most people never considered how their schedule could either help or hurt their activity. Paul Graham correctly points out the disastrous result of blocking out creative activities in hourly increments.