Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #51

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. If you are looking for the satisfaction of a well made cocktail but without the booze, this list has a 10 delicious options. Keep this page bookmarked with the impeding holiday season. 
  2. Watching the gorgeous "Watchtower of Turkey" makes me want to spend a long time in Turkey 
  3. The Race of Gentlemen is an automotive "carnival" where people race their old school cars down by the beach. The only thing more interesting than the cars is the characters who often dress up for the event. 
  4.  “Start every day stupid. If you start every day stupid you start every day without inhibition and inhibition is creativity’s kryptonite.”   Jim Riswold
  5. The photographer, Rachel Boillot, traveled to extremely rural areas of the South where the post offices are being closed. 

  6. A lady purchased a trunk from a thrift shop filled with photos and love letters from the 1940s-1959 and uploaded the collection, A Young Man's Follies 

  7. The writer, Liz Gilbert, explains how she deals with criticism. If you put anything out in the world, you will come across criticism. It is part of the job description so you might as well think about it before it happens. 

The Handheld Series is finally ready! After close to two years of trail and error, I finally captured the feeling of standing on the street corner in the heart of a bustling city with life swirling around me. I drew inspiration from the  "wild" frenzied brush strokes of the Impressionist masters who abandoned realism and created a completely new way of painting. The Handheld series stands in the blurry middle between photography and painting answering the question of what would Van Gogh create if he had a camera instead of a brush.   

I am releasing the series in a similar fashion to my Doubles project. The first image starts at $1 and the price increases for every print up to $150 for the final image. Each image is printed on museum quality archival paper in a limited run of 3. Enjoy