Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #15

  1. The impending snow panic is in full swing here in the Northeast. As everyone rushes out to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread, I am heading out to my local Korean grocery store to find the required ingredients for kimchi fries. The perfect combo for a snow day.
  2. A Japanese designer created a series of chocolates using the same ingredients but tasting differently due to their varying textures. 
  3. The photographer, Alex Strohl, released a gorgeous collection of images from the French Alps this week. A perfect contrast to the majestic beauty of the alps is the stark portraits of hand ball players in NYC from Thomas Prior. 
  4. For those struggling to fall asleep, I discover this trick and it has drastically help me fall asleep when my mind isnt ready yet.
  5. Why the modern world might be bad for your brain

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