Let me introduce you to my new crazy idea: the Print Scamper


Drum roll please.......

A 13x19" fine art print available for just one week with the first print starting at $5 and increasing by $5 for each successive print sold. The edition size is determined by the total number of prints sold. After a week, the print will disappear replaced by a new print starting at $5. The new print will available starting at noon every Monday.

Each week, the Monday Morning Dispatch newsletter will contain the next Print Scamper image. Subscribers of the Monday Morning Dispatch newsletter and anyone who shares the Print Scamper (with me tag in it so I can keep track of it) will be entered into a drawing for a free print. 

10% of the proceeds will be donated on SmallCanBeBig to a struggling families urgently in need a few dollars to help them with an impending foreclosure, medical costs, move out of an abuse relationship, etc. 

The Print Scamper begins this Monday. Sign up for the Monday Morning Dispatch newsletter to see which image will be the first one available.

I also want to publicly thank Jason Zook (formerly Jason Surfrapp) for writing "Creativity for Sale" which changed how I viewed selling my art. If you aren't familiar with Jason's story, he made over a million wearing t-shirts and than had companies sponsor his book before it even launched. The book sparked so many ideas on how to approach selling your art in a completely different way. The Instant Film Venture is a by-product of the book. The Print Scamper is how I want to sell my art.