Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #13

Start your Monday off right: 


  1. During the 1950s, people in Soviet Russia "pressed" banned music unto discarded X-Rays salvaged from hospitals. The recycled x-rays create beautiful haunting album covers
  2. I want this loft. The fact that is in Amsterdam only strengthens that desire.  
  3. I dream about turning my art into street art. Until I figure out how, watching far more accomplished street artists like Rone work satisfies that need. Gorgeous giant painting 
  4. Art of maps and maps as art  
  5. Stumbled across Studio Visit: John Ryan Brubaker and absolutely love the various projects he is working on. The "Maps for Getting Lost" is particularly inspiring 
  6. "Limitation is the condition of our lives. What matters — what allows us to reach beyond ourselves, as we are, and push at the boundaries of our ability — is that we continue. But then everything depends on how we practice, what we practice.
    I sit down to practice the fullness of my doubts and desire, my fantasies and flaws. Each day I follow them as far as I can bear it, for now. This is what teaches me my limits; this is what enables me to improve. I think it is the same with anything you seriously practice, anything you deeply love."  Glenn Kurtz
  7. The combination of Smith lyrics with Peanut cartoons is brilliant 

  8. Creativity is a Muscle