Life is but a dream

Imagination is the factory that makes legends. It is the beginning of all achievement. To imagine is to perceive many potential futures, select the most delightful possibility, and then pull the present forward to meet it. Imagination has transported us from shivering in dark caves to triumphantly floating above our precious blue earth. It reminds us that reality is malleable and we are the architects of our own fate.
— Director of the Imaginary Foundation

I walk among the skyscrapers in the heart of Philadelphia and I cant help but marvel at the power of imagination. Each one of those mighty structures began as an idea which was birthed into life through hard work and persistence. I bet that a number of skyscrapers originated in the shower or on the morning dog walk. The difference between the skyscraper dominating the skyline and the dream which won't leave you alone is action. You decide whether that dream will remain just a dream or has a chance of becoming reality. I know that last sentence spawned a major fear response because it did for me while writing it. "Its not that easy". "I need a business plan and financing". "I don't know where to start". All these obstacles may be correct but all these issues are overcome by action. There are no short cuts or magic bullets. If you want your dreams to come true, you will need to work on it with the determination of building a skyscraper.