How I accidentally bought a pinhole camera

I did not intend to buy my pinhole camera. I didnt even realize I purchase a pinhole camera until I unwrapped the package. Ian Ruther and his giant wet plate camera capture my attention the first time I watched his video, Silver and Light. The ability to create an image with light and chemistry seemed magical. However, I didn't have the funds to recreate his camera and setup. Then Ian posted a video shooting wet plates with a Holga. I found a cheap and easy entry into the world of wet plate photography. So I jumped on Lomography's web and tried to buy the camera Ian used in the video. In my excitement, I purchased the wrong camera. I purchased a Holga Pinhole camera instead of the regular Holga with a flash. After sitting a couple weeks on my shelf, I decided to use the "mistake" and see what I could create with the camera. I had no idea what to expect. The first roll came out better then I could have imagined. The images weren't great but they were enough to get me to dive deeper into pinhole photography. One probably booze influenced purchase is now the main driving force behind my photography.