I am complicated

The great photographer, Jeremy Cowart, wrote (http://jeremycowart.com/2014/04/who-i-really-am/) about how at his core he is an inventor. Ideas come to him and he takes action. The world is a far better place because of his actions.

While reading the post, I couldn't help but wonder why we try to describe complicated beings in simple terms. I am as guilty as anyone else of doing this. I am a little ashamed how many times I used the "so what do you do" line while meeting new people. Worse still is the fact that I judge the person by their answer. I assume their interests and talents based merely on how they describe themselves.

When I started photography, I heard "but you aren't an artist" from more then a few people.  I don't blame them as nothing in my life up to that point indicated that I would take this path. Humans are complicated beings. We embody traits and passions that society views as paradoxical. The version of myself making art is the same as the one who daily traded large sums of money working in the financial industry. Do not deny parts of yourself in an attempt to make it easier to example. I am not a big fan of dancing but I love So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe its because I am a terrible dancer because I haven't done it enough but I love watching humans beautifully move. There is value and beauty in every aspect of your passions. Explore what interests you even if it doesn't fit with your "I am a  ______ " . We are complicated, so use it to your advantage.