My first attempt at using my 4x5 camera

Back in January, I found an old Crown Graphic 4x5 camera from 1960 for sale on ebay for a great price. I was the only bidder and became the proud owner of the old camera. Yesterday marked the first day I attempted to actually use the camera. My friends were gracious to sit for a portrait.

 Overall, I did better than I expected. Out of a total of 6 portraits, only one of them didnt come out at all. My guess is that I loaded the film in the holder incorrectly. However, the pictures that did come out had issues. 


The above portrait is of my best friend, Sean. This was the first portrait I took and developed from the camera. I used the "taco method" of using a hair tie to curl the negative into a shape of a C with the emulsion side on the inside. This way I could put a few negatives into my development tank. Unfortunately, the negatives didnt develop consistently with this method. The negative was rather light and had the large underdeveloped spot to the right of Sean's leg. The bottom of the negative also had the undeveloped line which I believe is due to not enough developer in the tank. 


For my portrait of PS, I brought the camera in nice and close. I love the result better than my previous distance. The picture was drastically over exposed. Part of this was that I measured the light using ISO 50 (I was using Delta 100 film) but I also think the shutter on my lens is a little off. The shutter is noticeable off in the slower speeds (1/8, 1/2, and 1 second). So I need to shoot the same scene at different shutter speeds and compare the results to measured result. The other thing I need to be aware of is that you can easily see the shadow cast by the camera and myself. 


My brother, Jared. I cropped out the black underdeveloped line at the bottom and tightened the image a little. This image shows the potential in the camera. Really excited to learn the camera as well as more portraiture.