No matter how much you work as an artist,.., you are never in complete control...

The surprise is how it translates reality, how it transforms reality into a image. And it’s never, no matter how much you work as an artist, a photographer, you are never in complete control. You never have absolute knowledge of what it is going to do, and there’s always surprises and how that image, a good image is truly, you don’t know how you did it, it is truly magic. I always thought of a great photograph, for me, it’s as if some creature walked into my room, like I get to look at a raccoon or a oscelot or a weasel or some strange creature. It’s like how did you get here, what are you made of? There is a, it is truly mysterious and no matter how much, how many pictures I make, I have never depleted that quality of mystery. It is just amazing to make a picture that seems to have some magic. I don’t know how it happens, it’s unpredictable and half the time I’m not even aware that I made it.
— Larry Sultan

This quote perfectly sums up my feelings shooting with pinhole. I never feel in total control. The only way I can describe the feeling is to equate it to riding an elephant. Most of the time, the magnificent beast will travel in the requested direction. Precisely at the peak of the illusion of control, the elephant will take an unexpected detour and end up at an unexpected destination. Maybe this analogy is a little ridiculous. But there is no way I could compare my Crown Graphic 4x5 to anything but an elephant.