Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #8

To get your Monday started off right:

  1. I love looking at these blackboards from some of the world's most prestigious quantum mechanics labs. Its a glimpse into another world with its own language. Art which holds within it the rules of the universe. 
  2. Since the 1970's, Jadav Payeng has been planting trees on a flood and erosion destroyed river island in India. The forest is now larger than Central Park in NYC. A perfect reminder how powerful time and persistence can be. 
  3. The artist, Charles Young, challenged himself to build a new paper building structure each day. The results are amazing in both the skill required and the perseverance. I would love to see an entire city created with the buildings.  
  4. NPR's interview of famed high wire walker, Phillipe Petit, was fascinating. His description of stepping out away from the World Trade Center building perfectly fit my experience leaving the corporate world. The Oscar winning documentary, Man on a Wire, recounts walking the high wire between the Word Trade Center buildings. 
  5. "Learning not to over identify with your art" by Scott Ginsberg. This is an issue I am currently struggling with. My job is bring images and ideas into the world and that is all. How the world responses is not part of the job description. I imagine that it will take a lot more work than just reading the article but its something I have been trying to reread regularly to keep in perspective. 
  6. I posted my Impossible List for 2015 containing art, business, and personal challenges which I hope to conqueror in the next year. What would be on your list? 

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