Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #10

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Old English words bring me so much joy. I wish more of these mischievous words were in use today. 
  2. As numerous college students before and after me, the ever present block of ramen noodles satisfied my late night munchies every time. My love of ramen has only intensified which the discover of proper ramen. Though I still plan on setting aside an entire weekend to create the Momofuku Ramen that David Chang built his empire upon, this version actually seems do able without a weekend commitment.  Also naming it Vampire Slayer earned points in my book. 
  3. Organization and tidiness have never been a strength for me. The Japanese Art of the Decluttering and Organizing  was extremely helpful in framing the issue and motivating me to work on the issue.  I am not one for New Years resolutions but I am thinking about giving this a shot. 
  4. "A world without imagination is a world without inspiration" – Brooke Shaden  
  5. Stunning "doodles" in a moleskine 

  6. "The fact that we humans have such a notoriously hard time changing our minds undoubtedly has to do with the notion that “human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished,” which belies the great robbery of the human experience — by calling ourselves beings, we deny our ever-unfolding becomings. Only in childhood are we afforded the luxury of inhabiting our becoming, but once forced to figure out who we want to be in life, most of us are so anxious about planting that stake of being that we bury the alive, active process of our becoming. In our rush to arrive at who we want to be, we flee from the ceaseless mystery of our becoming.
    To show up wholeheartedly for our becoming requires doing one of the hardest things in life — allow the possibility of being wrong and incur the anguish of admitting that error. It requires that we grieve every earlier version of ourselves and endure the implicit accusation that if the way we do a certain thing now is better than before, then the way we did it before is not only worse but possibly — and this is invariably crushing — even wrong. The uncomfortable luxury of changing our mind is thus central to the courage of facing our becoming with our whole being." Maria Popova  
  7. Photographer, Steve Chen, gorgeous series of two girls is matching blue and red dresses.