Monday Dispatch - Volume #4

To get your Morning off to a good start:

  1. The artist, David Irvine, buys thrift store paintings and "improves" them 
  2. The photographer, Bud Glick, rediscovered his negatives of Chinatown in NYC from the 1980s and scanned them all in. The series contains many great images as well as being a interesting time capsule. I also wonder how digital photography will hold up to the assault of time and technology. Will it change the work itself to continually transfer your work to the next version of technology? How much will be lost to neglect or system errors? 
  3. "Don’t lie about yourself. And never lie to yourself. Find the thing in you that is different, that’s as sharp as a diamond and jagged as a razor. Hone that, because that’s the thing with which you’ll cut the world. If you try to stay a safe and soft and average, then you’re going to get lost in the sea of all those other things that look just like you. Find the things about yourself that are weird and cultivate them because, eventually, those are the things the world is going to want to reward you for and that will bring you the most happiness. When you’re young, those are the things that cause you so much pain, but it’s that pain that makes you unique. Own your scars." - Clay Cubitt
  4. Tina Roth Eisenberg has built a small empire from solving things she has complained about. She sits down with Jonathan Fields for a great interview 

  5. "Do today’s work and do it with everything you’ve got. It’s vital. Because who we are tomorrow, to do tomorrow’s work, is created by who we are today and the work we do today." -- David DuChemin