Monday Dispatch - Volume 2

  1. Indian Railways  - I spent 3 years living in India and this photo series by Steve McCurry perfectly captures the feeling of travel via train. 
  2. Candid Frame interview of Ralph Gibson -  One of the best interviewers talks to a photography legend. Saved this interview to relisten on periodic basis 

  3. You Can Have an Easy Life or an Awesome One. Choose Wisely - Love or hate him but you know where James Victore stands. 

  4. Permission -  "The fact of your birth, the same as every human on this planet, gives you permission to live, as much as possible, on your terms. To live out loud. To colour outside the lines. To know what you want to create, and how, and to do so with joy and purpose." -- David DuChemin

  5. You’ve been Indoctrinated -  "But the biggest crime is that we’re indoctrinated into thinking that we are capable of less than we really are." -- Srinivas Rao