Pinhole polaroids from around the Philly Art Museum

The combination of Fuji FP-100C and the pinhole equipped Crown Graphic 4x5 has been both fascinating and highly frustrating. The moment just before the polaroid is peeled apart is a cocktail of anticipation, worry, and excitement. The feeling is only heightened by my previous failures to properly expose the film. I commonly use the pinhole lens fully extended on the 4x5 rails creating an effective focal distance of 90mm but also requiring an exposure adjust of 1.5-2 stops. FP-100C also requires a reciprocity adjust due to the pinhole's long exposures. Math and guesswork always is an element of pinhole photography. However, Kodak and Ilford's exposure latitude in their films spoiled me. I have a stack of polaroids either drastically underexposed or overexposed. I feel like I am trying to hit a quarter with George Washington's musket. The difficulty is only intensifying the desire to solve this new challenge.