The internet is a black hole

Doing creative work on the internet feels like spending hours crafting this fragile reflection of yourself and then throwing it into a giant black hole. The alchemy necessary to convert an idea into reality requires a piece of you. It can not be undertaken in apathy. Each project is a manifestation of your time, efforts, and talents. It is you distilled into a jpg.

Yet the internet could care less about this price of creation. It relentless consumes. The only consideration is to what is next. The reaction never equals the effort put in. If an artist relies on the reaction to their work to keep going, they will not last. Their self worth and happiness becomes dependent on a force that does not care about them. The only way to keep going is to love the work itself and everything else is a bonus. The creation process must bring enough joy to power the next creation. This is why creatives are so unprepared to accept complements.