And I thought it was just me

Having omitted to carry on my diary for two or three days , I lost heart to make it up, and left it unfilled for many a month and day....
— Sir Walter Scot, Jan 1, 1829

Currently reading "Maximize Your Potential" by 99U (which I highly recomend) and I am ran across this quote. I can't count how many times I stopped and started writing. If a knight struggles with this, I forgive myself for suffering from the same disease as long as I get back to writing. My goal is to develop a morning ritual centered around writing. My current ritual is laying in bed and checking my phone. I will let you how that works out for me. 

I leave you with another Sir Walter Scott quote that cracked me up 

During this period nothing has happened worth particular notice. The same occupations, the same amusements....I half grieve to take up my pen, and doubt if it is worth while to record such an infinite quantity of nothing. But hang it! I hate to be beat so here goes for better behavior.
— Sir Walter Scott, Jan 1, 1829