Different this time

6 years ago, I was fired from my trading assistant position with ING Direct. A combination of an imploding bond market and my youthful arrogance prematurely ended my dream job. Unready to face my own failings and unprepared to put in the work necessary to pull myself back up. My world spun out of control. I descended deeper into self pity. After 9 months of wallowing, I finally found another job allowing me to slowly rebuild my self worth.

 Monday marks the official end of my corporate life. The thought of voluntarily walking away from job security excites me in a way I never would have thought possible 6 years ago. My happiness shifted from being dependent on a job title (others) to personal creation (myself). This seismic shift means that I am not scared of the unknown that the next couple months/years will bring. When the rough days come, I need only remember to create. Bring something new into this world. 

What can you do by yourself to be happy?