The Lightbulb Myth

"I wish i could quit but I don't know what I want to do". Soon-to-be-former coworkers keep repeating this statement in various forms. A few brave individuals even asked me for the secret to that one thing that might make them happy. I honestly struggle/struggled answering this question because the truth is boring. Follow your ideas down their rabbit holes. Put in the work. You never know what will make you happy until you actually do it. Ideas don't come to you on the couch in front of the TV. People complain about a lack of vision but do nothing to discover that vision. Life changing ideas don't just hit you all at once but are discovered in little pieces. In the past year, I learned how to draw, started to relearning Dutch, built an end table and office table, and rediscovered photography. My plan wasn't to create my exit of out my job. It just happened as a result of venturing down these paths. I explored what could make me happy and found it. Indulge those ideas and you will be rewarded.