Start with the worst idea you can think of

This little trick is Frank Chimero's answer from "Shape of Design" how to solve a problem. The blank page/empty solution box fells daunting. We judge ourselves each passing second for our failure to fill the page. The pressure to create a brilliant solution becomes a bigger obstacle than the problem itself. Frank's solution is to start with the worst idea and build from there. Once a beginning is created, we possess the momentum to improve that idea. What exactly made that idea terrible? How can we improve the idea? To borrow an idea from physics, static friction (the friction when an object is at rest) is greater the kinetic friction (the friction when an object is in motion). Propelling the idea forward regardless of the direction immediately reduces the difficulty coming the progress. Start with a terrible draft or a bad website/blog and than improve. Perfection in one shot is impossible so do not judge yourself by that standard. 

Let me know if this trick was helpful. Also, I highly recommend "Shape of Design" ( even if you no interest in design. The e-book is free but the hardback is absolutely beautiful. I wish all books were as well designed.