The good, bad, and ugly...volume #5

Do things the long, hard, stupid way
— Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero delivered this brilliant talk at Do Lectures at least a year ago. Since I first saw the video, this thought has been bouncing around my brain. How does struggle impact my art? Do I appreciate my creations more with a struggle? Both questions were answered with a 30 dollar plastic medium format Holga Pinhole camera. I bought the camera on a whim. It has no lens just a tiny hole. The only non-plastic piece is the spring mechanism for the shutter. The shutter speed is determined by how long I press down the button. Compared with the Canon 5D I normally shot with, I might as well just draw a picture with a #2 pencil. However, the camera forced me to slow down and consider every factor before I pressed the shutter. With only 12 frames, each shot must be intentional. The ease of digital made me lazy. Unlimited frames and complex post processing software allowed the freedom to shot with consideration of what I created. I just purchased the equipment and chemicals to develop the film at home rather than sending it to a lab. Doing this project the long, hard, stupid way is bringing me more joy than I imagined it would. I hoping it changes how I use my digital camera.

What thing can you do the long, hard, stupid way?