The good, bad, and ugly...volume #3


0All of I have this week is a recommendation. Keep a gratitude journal every day. First thing in the morning, write 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things that would make the day awesome. Then right before you go to bed, you fill in 3 awesome things that happened to you that day and one thing you wish you did. This only take 5 minutes to do and it has a profound effect. This simple exercise break the tendency to dwell on the negative. It also provides a focus for each day. I use the 5 Minute Journal ( but you can also make your own. I can't recommend this enough. 

Quote of the week:


I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. So much of what gets in the way of things being good is thinking that we know. And the more that we can remove any baggage we’re carrying with us, and just be in the moment, use our ears, and pay attention to what’s happening, and just listen to the inner voice that directs us, the better. But it’s not the voice in your head. It’s a different voice. It’s not intellect. It’s not a brain function. It’s a body function, like running from a tiger.
— Rich Rubin