The good, bad, and ugly...volume #2

Never ignore a chance to connect with someone regardless of what you might gain. I fall into a pattern from time to time where I "turn on" the charm around people where the benefit is easily identifiable. The focus becomes completely insular and ultimately ineffective. People never want to be around such a person. Others feel your intent and react accordingly. However, the more damaging side effect is that it drastically reduces your potential impact on this world. I possess the ability to impact every single person I come in contact with. I throw away that chance by focusing on my own gain. In one decision, my impact is reduced from thousands to a single person. I forget where I heard this quote but it applies, "I may not be able to touch millions of people but I might be able to touch one person who touches millions of people". 

Favorite Quote of the week: 

I believe ultimately that great education is self education especially in the arts. The students are not empty bottles waiting to be filled. They’re full. What is needed is to get the stuff out. An ideal education develops confidence, ego strength and a thirst to discover one’s possibilities.
— Louis Danziger