How not to get my business

As I wandered around the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia, I came across a photo printer/gallery. The shop was a small husband and wife operation with a great little gallery in the front area. As I spoke to the wife about the printing services the shop offered and possibility of selling a piece or two of art on the wall, the husband returned from the back room to the counter. He ask what type of photography I do. After my reply of "fine art mainly black and whites", he dismissed my pursuit with the classic, "You will never make a living doing that". I understand the up hill nature of what I am attempting. However, the quick dismissal irked me. Here was a business owner telling a potential client that their work and dreams were hopeless. Why would I do business with an individual who does not believe in me? I wish I could support a local print shop but that one comment sealed their fate. 

Sorry to turn this post into a yelp review.