Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #233

Start your week off right:

  1. Carrot cake + pound cake sounds like two things that I absolutely love coming together to make something even better. Might have to try to bake this week.

  2. New Zealand is near the top of my travel bucket list. These stunning views make the 18 hour flight worth it.

  3. The artist, Slinkachu, creates humorous and thought provoking miniature toy scenes and stages them in public.

  4. The Quatre Caps design studio create renaissance style still lives using modern packaged food.

  5. The winners of the Lens Culture Street Photography competition have been announced and there is some great work on offer.

  6. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Joshua J. Marine

  7. Mary Frey and Niki Boon focus on the subject of family life from two very different angles but none less beautiful.

  8. Eliot Dudik traveled and photographed along every road entitled “Paradise Road” in the USA to create this body of work.

  9. Vasantha Yogananthan is retelling the classic Indian story, The Ramayana, in seven chapters using photography. The fifth chapter is coming out this summer.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #232

Start your week off right:

  1. I have tried to make restaurant quality french fries at home and have failed. Tastemade gives you the tricks to make those perfect french fries at home.

  2. We have all seen that car or truck covered in dirt. Scott Wade turns the filth into these stunning temporary works of art.

  3. Ikea recreated several famous TV living rooms using their furniture for an add campaign.

  4. Craig Mod walked over 600 miles across Japan with his camera. He writes about the experience in “The Glorious, Almost-Disconnected Boredom of My Walk in Japan” for Wired magazine.

  5. Gábor Nagy uses a drone to capture the moody beauty of the Irish mountains.

  6. “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

    — Lao Tzu

  7. Fred Baldwin is another older photographer I was unaware of. He has produced amazing work for decades and isnt stopping at the age of 90.

  8. Andrea Pugiotto is photographing the people of Venice slowly moving away from the Island to escape the disappearing island.

  9. I have learned so much listening to Brene Brown speak about her research on shame. She sat down with Debbie Millman for a great conversation.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #231

Start your week off right

  1. The only thing that I havent grilled often is fish. One of my goals this summer is to become more comfortable grilling fish particularly whole fish. Bon Appetit’s guide to grilling fish is perfect as we head into prime grilling weather.

  2. Aliaksei Zholner built a working miniature piano out of paper and played classical pieces on it. The piano isnt the best sounding one I have ever head but it is still impressive.

  3. Nathalie Miebach turns meteorological data (particularly from recent large hurricanes) into brightly colored 3D mixed media pieces.

  4. How I built a Darkroom for less than $500. I will be making notes as I am trying to build a darkroom in my basement.

  5. “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

  6. A behind the scenes look at how Nick Rasmussen creates his great portraits.

  7. FotoKonbit is a non-profit photo collective from Haiti sharing images and stories from the country.

  8. Timothy Sean O’Connell has spent the past years documenting the Republican of Ireland and Northern Ireland from the perspective of an American.

  9. An incomplete list of 30 things I learned in 30 years.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #230

Start your week off right:

  1. Its rather warm today but I might have to fry up these delicious looking Moroccan flatbread today. The only think that would make it better would be a pot of fresh mint tea.

  2. Here is the military technique for falling asleep anywhere.

  3. John MacLean bills himself as the best known unknown photographer which cracked me up. He has a different view on street photography.

  4. Alvaro Naddeo paints tiny dystopian scenes of objects stacked on top of itself. I love all the random items he selects.

  5. The Art Department created a “dandelion wish facility” where people can pick a dandelion and send a wish down a few openings.

  6. “When I was younger, I worried that every decision I made would send me down that path for LIFE. Every time I faced a choice of whether to accept a new job, move to a different city or stay in a relationship, I built it up as a definitive, forever-life-altering moment. And while that was true on some level — all the little choices do, in fact, add up to the life that you end up living — I wish I could go back in time and whisper in my own ear, ‘Let this decision just be this decision, not a loaded choice about the rest of your days on earth. You can always reroute.’”

    — Ann Friedman

  7. Edouard Sepulchre found classic American West scenes in other countries around the world in his series, “Looking for America”. Great idea well executed

  8. Adam Savage answers the question of “How do I get started when I don’t even know what to make?”

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #229

Start your week off right:

  1. If you need more ideas for dinner this week, check out Bon Appetite’s 40 Healthy Meal Prep ideas. The Zhug hot sauce is particularly good.

  2. A converted vans are all over Instagram right now as the best option of exploring the outdoors. Andy Cochrane argues that a pickup truck is the far better option.

  3. The Beauty of Science just released “The Arctic” showing in slow motion ice crystals forming.

  4. Austin Kleon talks about the benefits of boredom to your creative work. In short, you need space in your head for new ideas to occupy.

  5. Aidan Sartin Conte creates surreal photographs blending cityscapes with portraits. I love how he pushes the genre of photography

  6. “Every fact of science was once damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly. We would own no more, know no more, and be no more than the first apelike hominids if it were not for the rebellious, the recalcitrant, and the intransigent.”

    — Robert Anton Wilson

  7. Lens Culture reviews Alec Soth new book, “I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating”, which feels a lot more personal than Soth previous work.

  8. Martin Parr sat down with Bruce Gilden for his sofa series for a fascinating shop talk between the two photographic giants.

  9. Hannah Reyes Morales won the 2019 Visionary Award from the Tim Hetherington Trust. If you havent seen her work, I highly recommend it.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #228

Start your week off right:

  1. If you’re a subscriber of the New York Times, you can access their digital archives and read issue #1 all the way through 2002. Its a great glimpse into how people reacted to all the major news of the last century.

  2. Every year, 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the Keukenhof in Lisse Holland celebrating the arrival of spring and the tulip that it brings. A truly dizzying array of colors

  3. Stefan Kuhnigk takes those annoying coffee stains on your paper/notebook and turns them into creative monsters.

  4. Brooke DiDonato creates stunning surreal portraits which seem to be straight out of a Salvador Dali painting.

  5. Adam Ferguson captures the diverse characters that live in the Australian outback in this portrait series. The images capture how hard life is out in the “bush”.

  6. “Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” Mae Jemison

  7. George Munchiez from Negative Feedback sat down with Nicholas J.R. White about his great photographic work including his work on the bothies in England.

  8. Sean Tucker interviewed Fiona Louise Larkins about her amazing self portrait. A great look at a brilliant artist.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #227

Start your week off right:

  1. Unfortunately, two great photographers died this week. Doreen Spooner and Michael Wolf were very different photographers but equally impacted the world of photography.

  2. This afternoon will be spent watching the newest episode of American Masters on Gary Winogrand.

  3. Matthew Betancourt paints Impressionist scenes on the inside of Altoids tins and using the bottom part as his palette. Altoids should definitely sponsor him.

  4. Ben Simon Rehn is an insane wildlife/landscape photographer who I discovered based on his work in Madagascar. He also creates stunning drone videos of the landscape that he encounters on his trips.

  5. The close up photos of Tiffanie Turner’s crepe paper flowers dont do justice as to their size. At first, I just thought they were photographs as she did such a great job reproducing the flowers.

  6. “Our life can be measured in moments of backing off or going straight ahead—backing off of conflict, difficulty, frustration, fear or a willingness to trust and go with the moment, not because it’s comfortable but because it’s here” - Katherine Thanas

  7. Thomas Dryden-Kelsey’s series, “303”, was born from traveling a stretch of the road every weekday for school between the ages of 11 and 15.

  8. Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay is a great look into the work of a great photographer.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #226

Start your week off right:

  1. How to Wake up before 6 am. Matt D'Avella explains how he built the habit which has allowed him to be more productive during the day.

  2. Modern Collodion announced the winners of their 2019 Wet Plate photo competition and the results are stunning. Do not click on the link if you ever wanted to shoot wet plate because its only going to make that feeling stronger.

  3. Mohamed L’Ghacham takes vintage family photographs and turns them into large murals. The video of him painting one of the murals is a great peak at the process as well.

  4. Mary Ellen Matthews has been the official photographer of SNL since 1999 taking a portrait of the host every week. Her portfolio is filled with stunning portraits of various style and techniques.

  5. Jeju Island sits off the coast of South Korea and is home to the grandma free divers. Alain Schroeder captures these amazing people who still go free diving into their 80s.

  6. Photographers Sam Abell, Arthur Meyerson & George Nobechi traveled through Japan together and spoke to The Candid Frame podcast about the trip and their experience creating work together.

  7. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker

  8. David Hockney - The Art of Seeing is now on Youtube. A great look at the incredible painter as he exhibited his latest body of work.

  9. Ryan Walker is fascinated by those who chose to live off the land away from modern life. I love the portrait of the kid holding the moose antlers.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #225

Start your day off right:

  1. I discovered Pajeon (Korean savory pancakes) at my local Korean restaurant and I can’t get enough of them. This recipe includes shrimp but you can basically throw anything in them.

  2. I haven’t used Simply Framed but I have so much art which need frames that I might as well pick up a few frames.

  3. I love this idea for an anti-drawing machine. It moves the paper as you are drawing creating one of a kind images out of the chaos.

  4. The New York Times Magazine commissioned photographer, Thomas Struth, to photograph New York from on top of the tallest buildings in the city. This is behind the scenes of that project.

  5. Martin Schneider created a tiny 3-D printed etching press that he is kickstarting.

  6. Kitt Bennett creates large murals on the pavement or roofs of buildings where the final image is only visible from the air.

  7. "You become what you give your attention to...If you yourself don't choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will.” Epictetus

  8. An interesting conversation on the evolution of street photography with Alex and Rebecca Norris Web.

  9. Abigail Varney captures the rough life of the Australian outback in her series, “Rough & Cut”.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #224

Start your Monday off right

  1. Have you ever wanted to read your therapist’s notes? The “notes from your therapist” Instagram account gives you a glimpse as to what is on those pages. You have no idea who the advice is for but it can apply to nearly everyone.

  2. The stark white sand contrasts beautifully against the saturated blue sky in Navid Baraty’s images from White Sands National Monument. Add this to the list of places I want to experience.

  3. I love Kai Samuels-Davis’s portraits. They feel like the color matrix is buffering so you only get patches of the right colors.

  4. Willem Verbeeck speaks about his love of Todd Hido’s work. Its a great introduction to Hido’s amazing work.

  5. Kwang Young Chun takes geometric paper shapes and combines them to create his sculptures. I love the image where he is assembling a piece with large trash bags full of paper blocks that he will use.

  6. “When I catch myself complaining about something repeatedly, I have two options: Do something about it or let it go.” Tina Roth Eisenberg

  7. David McMillan has made 21 trips to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone bringing back these crazy images. As you click on each image, you see the same site taken years apart as time and nature slowly take the city back.

  8. The Great Discontent is back after a long hiatus with an interview with Mitzi Akaha. I always pick up something from this deep dives into a person’s story.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #223

Start your week off right:

  1. If you happen to be a fan of Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs but dont live close to the Scandinavian retailer, I have the recipe for you. Now you can make these little beauties at home without having to brave the crowds that Ikea attracts.

  2. The French artist, JR, used 2000 pieces of paper and an army of volunteers to create this elaborate illusion in the courtyard of the Louvre. I would love to see a time lapse of the installation process.

  3. The accidental discovery of old Walmart employee headshots lead Daniel Seth Kraus on a multi year project to track down as many of the people as he could. Lensculture interviews Daniel about the project.

  4. Frank Le Petit photographed 102 Japanese workers in their daily uniforms. I love this look into Japanese culture. From a nerdy photographer perspective, I also love the background and he presents each person as a triptych.

  5. Finnish photographer, Jasmine Farling, traveled to the southernmost year-round inhabited island in Finland and photographed the small community living on the island. The resulting images are outstanding but the triptych video really caught my attention. So well executed.

  6. “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. What if they are a little course, and you may get your coat soiled or torn? What if you do fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice. Up again, you shall never be so afraid of a tumble.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  7. Smug Mug profiled street photographer, Alan Schaller, about why he loves this form of photography. As with all the Smug Mug videos, it was beautifully done. On the subject of street photography, Nick Turpin released a video where you see right in the viewfinder of his camera while shooting.

  8. Colin O’Brien has been photographing daily life in London for 65 years. He is in the process of release a book containing an image from each year he had been photographing.

  9. Hamburger Eyes was a small zine that exploded into this giant project. Mailchimp filmed a documentary about the project and the man behind it.

  10. The problem with the Camera Gallery’s youtube page is that I keep adding photobooks to my wish list. Liverpool Looking Out to Sea by Peter Marlow is the latest addition.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #222

Start your week off right:

  1. Did you know most of the wasabi we are familiar with is actually horseradish that has been dyed green. The Atlantic profiled a wasabi farmer in rural Japan growing the difficult plant. I know want to try the real stuff now.

  2. Jared Middleton creates dramatic scenes with his childhood toys and photographs them. I love how he uses smoke bombs and firecrackers to create the special effects rather than photoshopping them in.

  3. Dogfish Head Brewery teamed up with Kodak to produce a beer that you can also use it to develop super 8 film (with the addition of vitamin C and baking soda).

  4. The artist, Rone, turned this giant abandon mansion into an art installation. The crazy part of the project is that he sourced all the furniture and pieces in the house to amply the paintings on the walls.

  5. Gary Briechle’s series, Maine, is not the work you imagine typically being created in the state. A great series even though some of these images are hard to look at.

  6. Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations. Mae Jemison

  7. The New York Times sat down with Alec Soth and talked to him about art and doubt.

  8. Elliot Ross grew up in rural Colorado so it was natural to use his camera to tell the story of the Plainsmen.

  9. Lauren Tepfer speaks about her journey and her love of color photography.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #221

Start your week off right:

  1. I discovered French Guy Cooking on Youtube and immediately began binge watching. Alex feels like if Adam Savage was French and into cooking.

  2. My younger self would have lost his mind at the notice of an indoor model airplane championship. The documentary Float delves into this fascinating “sport”. It also looks beautifully shot.

  3. Frank Moth describes his colleagues as nostalgic postcards from the future. I would happily hang many of these on my wall.

  4. Avner Geller creates illustrations for the funny comments that he overheard in public. It has become a hilarious look into modern life.

  5. Dina Alfasi creates portraits while riding the train back and forth from work. A gorgeous look into every day travel in Israel.

  6. ‘Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you should begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.' 
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  7. Magnum photographer, Alex Webb, released a book, La Calle , of numerous trips to Mexico. I love his layered street photographs.

  8. Edo Zollo resorted to walking London with his camera when his insomnia wouldnt let him rest. I love how moody and almost sinister these images are due to the glow of artificial light.

  9. Derek Sivers has a great reminder to write every day. Its a practice that I need to get back into as there is tremendous benefit to getting your thoughts out of your head.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #220

Start your week off right:

  1. This chocolate banana bread looks absolutely delicious. Now I need to find a few “banana bread” ripe bananas.

  2. Have you ever wanted to stay in those stunning homes found in architecture magazines? PlansMatter allows you to do that.

  3. Brendan Barry builds cameras out of the craziest thing including a watermelon and a loaf of bread. A great reminder that a camera is just a black box with a light sensitive material at one end.

  4. Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite designer/illustrators. He sat down with GQ for their 20 Questions.

  5. For International Women’s Day, LensCulture shared 16 women photographers producing inspiring work from around the world.

  6. “The path to become unmistakable is the willingness to be wrong, to be criticized and most of all, to matter. And if you’re willing to do something that matters, you are likely to be in the minority – and it probably means you’re doing something that’s unmistakable.” — Seth Godin

  7. Thomas Jordan captures his town at the tail end of the golden hour. His photos have a similar look and feel because of this.

  8. Pow Wow Hawaii once again produces amazing street art. I cant wait to see the video they produce every year.

  9. An interesting look at why people travel to far away places just to take the same photo over and over again.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #219

Start your week off right:

  1. In order to reach Plateau Point, you must hike down 3K feet from the rim of the Grand Canyon. A typewriter was set up and hikers were asked to write out there thoughts. Some were funny and other were profound.

  2. Letterist is a great resource to find the best newsletters on a topic of your choice. My newsletter subscriptions have definitely grown after this discovery.

  3. I received March & Rock #14 from Maarten Rots this week and I cant recommend it enough. Rots’s work continues to challenge my own ideas about photography in ways I appreciate.

  4. Kristy Mitchell spends months creating elaborate sets and wardrobe to create a single image. The results are stunning. She spoke to My Modern Met about her exhibit, Wonderland.

  5. Zak Waters interviews Magnum photojournalist, Ian Berry, about his work photographing the racial divide in South Africa in the 60s. I highly recomend following Water’s youtube channel.

  6. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. - Karim Seddiki

  7. Sean Tucker sat down with fellow photographer, Ondrej Vachek, and talked about his journey getting started in conflict photography.

  8. The Sand That Ate The Sea” is a series on the South Australian Opal mining town of Andamooka by Matthew Thorne. A great series of people on the edge of the wilderness struggling to make a life.

  9. Reading “A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion” is on my list of things to do today, I definitely struggle with this side of the hustle.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #218

Start your Monday off right,

  1. Netflix released a new season of Chef’s’ Table. The series is one of my favorite on tv. As much as the show is about food, the series digs into creativity at such a deep level.

  2. The winners for the International Landscape Photographer of the Year were announced and the work is as gorgeous as you would imagine.

  3. Vincent Bal uses items from around his house to create shadows that are fundamental elements in his illustrations.

  4. All Japanese temples and shrines were built without any iron as the metal was almost impossible to source back in the day. They used elaborate wooden joints to create the structures. Takahiro Matsumoto builds and repairs the temples using this old technique.

  5. If you want more design resources, Carly Ayres started a whole twitter thread collecting design publications.

  6. Wayne Martin Belger built his own elaborate pinhole camera and created portraits of people being dehumanized by the government.

  7. “None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after-thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”

    — Nanea Hoffman

  8. Patrick Barr, a photographer from NYC, is better known as Tiger Hood. He plays golf with small milk containers on the street while selling his prints and is a staple of the neighborhood.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #217

Start your week off right

  1. I never considered that I could make my own vermouth but this recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs seems rather easy. I will definitely be making a bottle in the future.

  2. I am absolutely terrible at naming a new project or idea. Onym is a complete resource to help you come up with the name you need.

  3. Borut Peterlin mixed up a few B&W film developers to test out. What is different is that he mixed up most of them from their raw ingredients and not a prepared mix which you just add water.

  4. Thomas Jorion photographs abandoned structures which are being returned to nature through the passage of time with his 4x5. Its crazy to see the former glory on display.

  5. “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” ― Marcus Aurelius

  6. Lens Culture released their Documentary Storytelling Winners. A great list of photographs to check out.

  7. Lois Bielefeld’s work reminds me of Gregory Crewdson. Here is an interview with Lois about her work and photographic journey.

  8. The streets of NYC is a great destination for street photographers and David Nelson-Hospers’s work is another great reminder of that.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #216

Start your week off right:

  1. Granola with kefir has become my go-to post work snack. I have started to make my own as a way to control the sugar and add the ingredients that I like. This week I am going to try out this recipe.

  2. Someone created a playlist that you would hear at any generic “cool” restaurant.

  3. The world champion free diver, Guillaume Néry, released a new video and its absolutely insane. The part at the end where he is swimming with the whales is incredible.

  4. How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative. A great reminder that creativity doesnt spring out of comfort and ease but in direct response to a problem.

  5. The color palette of Havana, Cuba through Helene Havard’s camera feel like a Wes Anderson movie.

  6. Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden

  7. I love these sweeping impressionist paintings of mountains. It feels like mountains standing tall in the midst of a blizzard.

  8. Letícia Lampert photographed from inside looking out of the densely pack buildings of Porto Alegre in Brazil. The window becomes you screen into the life across the street.

  9. Jamil McGinnis has been documenting his neighborhood of Crown Heights in NYC. The portrait of the 3 kids at the basketball court is top notch.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #215

Start your week off right:

  1. With the encouragement of her grand kids, this Italian grandmother has been sharing her recipes on her youtube channel. I get super hungry every time I watch one of her videos.

  2. The band Brunettes Shoot Blondes bought a broke piano and rebuilt it with a series of other analog instruments added to it. The piano is a fascinating piece of DIY goodness.

  3. The Making of the Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange’s famous photography, is a great look how Lange created the image. I love seeing the frames that came before the frame. \

  4. I love these portraits (maybe self portraits) of Gustav Willeit showing the vast beauty of nature in comparison to how small he is.

  5. I am not sure Fan Ho gets the respect he deserves in terms of being one of the greats of photography. This is his street photography of Hong Kong in the 50s and 60s.

  6. "You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having." Frank Lloyd Wright

  7. Travel photographer, Kevin Faingnaert, recently traveled through northern Vietnam and returned with this series of images.

  8. Paul Cristina creates portraits which feel like they were created years ago and time was worn away elements revealing the underlying layers.

  9. George from Negative Feedback spoke with Robin Friend about his work photographing throughout England. The image of the hole in the ground filled with abandon cars is insane.

  10. Giles Duley, a documentary photographer who lost an arm and leg in Afghanistan and then returned 18 months later to continue his work, spoke at the Do Lecture. A great talk from an amazing photographer.

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume 214

Start your week off right:

  1. I love this 100 square foot prefab cabin. I just need to get some land or a backyard big enough to get one.

  2. The Camera Gallery has started posting photo book reviews on YouTube and they are great. I have watched most of them and added a few books to my wish list. The review of Doggerland by Brian David Stevens is a great example of the work they are doing.

  3. The Adobe Creative Residency is open for applications. Its definitely worth a shot.

  4. Leah Pattem has been photographing Madrid’s no frills bar (there version of dive bar) as they disappear due to a changing commercial landscape. I love how each one is unique in its design and colors.

  5. Its mesmerizing watching James Flames print his widely colorful posters. He had to have done so many experiments to figure out how the color work together and react when layered.

  6. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

    — Steve Jobs

  7. Maria Strum has photographed the Lumbee tribe who live in the small town of Pembroke, NC. Its a great portrait of a people struggling against the common idea of what they should be.

  8. 5 Tips to Starting a Daily Creative Practice. One of my goal this year is to establish a daily creative practice. I think they are widely beneficial in ways you can even imagine when you begin.

  9. I immediately watch any video John Free puts out as they are highly motivational and educational. He shared the color abstracts he created while working in an auto body shop in LA.