Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #166

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Luca Iaconi-Stewart has spent close to decade building a 1/60th scale model of a Boeing 777 out of Manila folders. This goes beyond any paper airplane that I have ever built. 
  2. Two biologist have traveled extensively throughout the tropics cataloging fungi. The variety on display is insane and often looks like its from another planet. 
  3. Caleb Jenkins captures life in rural Virginia. It feels like a world completely different to my own. He is also producing his own zines. 
  4. A man builds a log cabin by himself without a chainsaw. The amount of work necessary to finish the dwelling makes you thankfully for not having to do it. 
  5. Mike Olbinski chases powerful storms across Arizona and created this beautiful black and white time lapse video. A great reminder how powerful nature is. 
  6. “Generosity is luck going in the opposite direction, away from you. If you’re generous to someone, if you do something to help him out, you are in effect making him lucky. This is important. It’s like inviting yourself into a community of good fortune.”
    – Twyla Tharp
  7. OVMD design studio produces logos that appear hand drawn from the 50s. I love the style and absolutely great work. 
  8. Photographer and film maker, Ryan Scott, produced a bitter sweet portrait of Fishtown (a small neighborhood in Philadelphia) by following one of its former residents, Denis Bowers, around. "Fishtown Soldier" feels like the neighborhood its documenting. 
  9. Everyone in photographing knows who Robert Frank was but I did not realize how ground breaking his book, "The Americans" was. Prior to its publication, photography had never been the sole focus of a book. 
  10. Warren King is recreating the individuals from his Grandfather's small village in China using nothing but cardboard and glue. The results are insanely expressive sculptures out of such a humble medium. 
  11. One of my favorite websites for introducing new ideas and thoughts is Brian Pickings. They released Best of 2017 and it contains some gems. 
  12. Alexander Davis captures the timeless enormity of the outdoors. I absolutely love the first image of the American West with the tiny road heading toward the rock formations.  

Mail Bag - Volume #1


"A Cautionary Tale" by James Cockroft

A small folded zine on the demise of the Sanger-Harris department store and its mural which James has passed since childhood. After the store changed hands multiple times and finally closed, James finally stopped by to photograph the mural only to find the building being demolished. This a great reminder to take the picture when you have the chance because it might not be there in the future. The combination of (I am guessing) expired film, plus older (maybe cheaper camera) and DIY printing of the zine really reinforce the idea of photographing memories. 


"Flat Circle #1" by Fabi Woods

This is the first zine in what will hopefully be a long run of bi-annual publications contain the world and life which swirls around Fabi Woods. I was really impressed with the sequencing as it feels like it start with wide unknown world and tightens till it reaches a intimate portrait of his pregnant fiance in the middle and then circled back out.  


"Haddock Et Frites" by Andy Parslow | CJ Henry | Darren Rose  

I love the idea behind this zine. Three photographers spend 48 hours in a particular town (Brussels) and produced a zine from the resulting images. Each photographer's style blend perfectly into a cohesive publication even with using different cameras and films. I hope they keep doing these. 


Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #165

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. These Soviet era control panels remind me of scenes from older Bond movies. All I want to do is start playing with all the nobs and switches. 
  2. Every year, the Hiut Denim company compiles a list of the 100+ Makes and Mavericks from that year ranging from artists to entrepreneurs. I always find someone doing something amazing on the list. 
  3.   Zev Hoover has created a large format video camera. Its a fascinating camera and the results are stunning particular when using a small depth of field. 
  4. Two friends stumbled upon a gigantic collection of letterpress plates for film advertisements in a Nebraska antique store. This short film is a look at this collection now valued at 10 Million dollars. 
  5. Ralph Gräf traveled along the famous Route 66 photographing the abandoned hotels, gas stations, and other buildings. These structures point to a very different time and place in American history. 
  6. "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. "                  Albert Einstein 
  7. The cheaper way to produce type for letterpress machines was using wood. However, these type sets and the fonts contained have all but disappeared. Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is working with a type foundry to digitize these fonts and preserve them. 

  8. R.J. Kern started using sheep and goats to practice new lighting setups and ended up creating portraits of these farm animals. Last year, his "portraits" earned him a finalist for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. 

  9. Caitriona Dunnett photographed the paths walked by Catholics to reach illegal mass during penal times. She would then turn the photograph into a digital negative and then create a toning cyanotypes. 

  10. The American Masters series on Richard Avedon is a brilliant look at one of the greatest portrait photographer. Highly recommended  

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume 164 (Post Christmas Edition)

Start your day off right: 

  1. This house in Portugal is absolutely stunning. The large glass windows on the one end of the house make the house feel like it continues on past the confines of the walls.  
  2. I have posted about Tatsuya Tanaka's tiny world he creates using household items but he continues to produce incredible photographs. I could not imagine what is required to produce each image. 
  3. Tom Geismar and Ivan Chermayeff were responsible for some of the most iconic logos of this past century.  Until this piece, I had never heard of them even though I recognize their work. 
  4. Kevin Kelly founded Wired magazine among other accomplishments. His recommendations are always top notch and lists them by topic which range from productivity, finance, cleaning, and tools.
  5.  “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker
  6. If you are a fan of Avedon and his portrait style from his project, In The American West, the Rocky Mountain School of Photography explores what we can learn from this project. 

  7. Shin Noguchi is a Japanese street photographer who finds situations which only happen on the streets. I love the image of the lady wearing the yellow dress which matches the yellow street paint. 

  8. Tim Ferris shares his advice on how to ask better questions

  9. Jocelyn Glei is one of my favorite writers on creativity and working as a freelancer. She shares 36 of her favorite articles from the past year.  

  10. The entrepreneur, David Heinemeier Hansson, argues against the common notion of the "hustle" and "grind". DHH argues to actually be productive you have to approach your work in a sustainable way. 

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #163

Start your Monday off right:

  1. As the calendar prepares to flip to the next year, It quickly fills up with holiday parties and the need for appetizers. Here are 10 appetizers that will be a big hit with everyone. 
  2. Back County Hunt company offers gorgeous prefab houses perfectly suited for a wilderness retreat. Now I just need to buy a plot of land in the middle of nowhere. 
  3. The Zen Roast ceramic coffee roaster is the perfect introduction into the world of coffee roasting. You can roast small batches right on your stove top. 
  4. If you have any interest in learning to draw, here are 10 youtube channels dictated to teaching you how to draw. Your own art school right at your finger tips.  
  5. Niki Boon's gorgeous work reminds me so much of Mary Ellen Mark's famous photos of her children. Here is her interview with the Arc about her work and her influences. 
  6. “Knowing failure is part of our process, and leads to new ideas, stronger work, and more honest questions, liberates us to peer, a little less frightened, into the unknown.”  – David DuChemin
  7. Danny Wilcox Frazier explores rural towns across the Midwest photographing the people who still call those towns home. I add his book, Driftless, to my photobook list to buy. 

  8. Film maker, Max Joseph, had a crazy idea for a video and this is the story of what went into actually turning it into reality. 

  9. Ryan Holiday is a ferocious reader. His newsletter covering the books he has read is one of my constant recommendations. He offers advice on how to read more

  10. David DuChemin talks about making creative choices in his great series, Vision is Better.   

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #162

Start your Monday off right:

  1. I wish my baking skills were developed enough to make these Whiskey Lapsang Cookie Cream Puffs. I might still make an effort because a failed cream puff isnt the worst thing in the world. 
  2. The freedom and exhilaration of a snowboarder carving down a mountain seems intoxicating especially when you are doing it with a bunch of your buddies. This video definitely gets me interested in learning how to snowboard. 
  3. Mind wandering helps you get into a more creative state and ideas seem to appear out of no where. I love the way they described the process, "Let the soul dangle".  
  4. Ryan Staley's corporate law firm issued him an Iphone and altered his life forever. He carries the camera phone everywhere capturing the people in often unconventional ways. 
  5. I honestly have no idea how to describe Peter Beesley's sculptures. At the very minimum, the piece is a stunningly beautiful piece which reacts physically and chemically to changes in its environment. I would love to see this in person. 
  6. The artist, Andrew Salgado, speaks about his journey to become one of the biggest contemporary artists working right now. 
  7. "There is no courage without vulnerability. But we're all taught to be brave and we're all warned when we're growing up to not be vulnerable. That's the rub. When you have bravery without vulnerability, that's when you get what we're looking at today."    Brene Brown 
  8. Cristian Marianciuc originally started folding origami cranes every day for 365 days and hasnt stopped after 1000 days. He decorates each crane is a new and beautiful way. 

  9. Laura Letinsky creates these still life photographs using a 4x5 film camera. Each one is painstakingly assembled. I discovered her work in her interview with The Great Discontent

  10. Mac Premo created this delightful video on how we built a machine that can bunt a baseball and how it ended up being a one man play. You dont even realize that its an add for We Transfer.  

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #161

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Ken Burns creates incredible in-depth documentaries on varies subjects from baseball, Vietnam War, and jazz. His latest offering is on the National Parks
  2. The photographer, James Tarry, explores depression with expired Polaroid film and pinhole camera. I am thrilled to own one his print from this series.  
  3. The food magazine, Bon Appetit, just launched a new site, Basically, that provides a great combo of learning basic techniques and recipes. 
  4. Alessio Trerotoli's multi exposure images instantly gained him a large following. Each image is a dizzying array of colors and objects layered onto of each other. I could stair at these for a long time. 
  5. A single word in an online comic lead photographer, Alan Taylor, down a rabbit hole resulting in a trip along the ancient Silk Road. This photo series is the end product of that rabbit hole. 
  6. “A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.”
    ― Steven Pressfield
  7. The Race of Gentleman is a step back in time. Old motorcycle and cars racing on the beach of Wildwood, NJ. I will hopefully be there next year with my camera. 

  8. You may not know KAWS but there is a chance you have seen his art. This is his story how he moved from the world of graffiti and took the contemporary art world by storm.

  9. Om Malik's series, "Tuscany on Film", makes me want to visit Italy again.  

  10. I have been trying to figure out how to travel across the country with my camera. Jarod Luebbert's series on heightens that desire. 

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #160

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. If paragliding wasnt extreme enough, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier takes it to another level in this video. Just watch it and be amazed. 
  2. Mike Kelley uses to a helicopter to capture the beautiful symmetry found at airports. The frames from the Mojave and Victorville boneyards are particularly impressive.
  3. Bartholomäus Traubeck modified a record player to turn the wooden patterns found in cross sections of trees into a piano music. The result is impressive to say the least. 
  4. If you travel the Portuguese country side, you can still find the shepard and his sheep roaming the hills just as Wilson Magalhaes did. The resulting series points to a life very different than our own. 
    Ray Dalio
  6. If you're looking for a new notebook, the new Exposition Notebook looks absolutely fabulous. This will be my new notebook once I finish my current Rhodia Notebook. 

  7. Each note from a classical music piece is turned into a dot with the size indicating its duration and the color pointing to the instrument used. The result is these beautiful prints from Nicholas Rougeux

  8. Maxwell Tilse draws miniature versions of buildings all across Europe and photographs the illustration with the original building in the background. 

  9. I find Miles Davis speaking in a rare interview about jazz fascinating. His ideas can be applied to creativity in general.

  10. E.E. Cummings rightly points out how difficult it is to be yourself in a world trying to conform everyone to it.  

Another crazy idea

I have started recording and sharing my editing sessions. You see every frame on a roll of film and I talk about my process, images, and style. The videos are long but if you want a look behind the curtain, this is the most honest look you can get. Enjoy 

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #159

Start your Monday off right:

  1. As the holiday season approaches, the chances of board games being pulled out once the table has been cleared increases. Mathematicians figured out the optimal way to play Monopoly to crush your family at the classic game.  
  2. Jeremy May creates dense layers of colors from old books and carves unique jewelry out of the new material. 
  3. The gorgeous short film, Matereality, was created with nothing but iron powder, high reflective pigments and magnets paired with amazing sound track. 
  4. The illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson, flips through his crowded sketchbook which appears like a fun blend of Where's Waldo and Dr. Seuss. 
  5. Luca Tombolini captures the moment the sunset turn rosy red striking ancient rock formation with a large format camera. 
  6. The creative firm, Dorothy, created a cutaway print of the famous Arriflex 35 IIC movie camera filled movie scenes. A perfect Christmas gift for a big movie fan. 
  7. "If you can’t adapt, changes become threats instead of opportunities."
    Shane Parrish
  8. Photographer, Phil Toledano, speaks to how the work he has created is a direct result of the passing of his parents. He mentions the odd feeling of wanting his parents to see what he created but those creations only happened as a result of their passing.  

  9. The Peking to Paris rally is a race between those cities but you can only use a car build before 1976. This video is the story on one of teams attempting the race. 

  10. Jeffery Saddoris is one of my favorite podcast interviewers out there. He just uploaded his entire catalog of past interviews unto his website. 

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #158

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Tater tot hotdish immediately takes me to Minnesota sitting around a table catching up with my aunts. uncles, and cousins. The dish feels perfect now that the weather dipped below freezing. 
  2. While visiting one of my best friends, he handed me a cookbook and said, "If you dont owe this, I buying this for you for Christmas." Samin Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat was not only informative but also beautifully done. The collaboration between her and the water color artist was top notch. 
  3. MoMA in NYC pulls back the curtain on life in the Museum with their new series, At The Museum. I will be binge watching these later this week. 
  4. I cant believe Fabio Zingg is only 18 years old considering the images he is creating traveling around Europe. For another instagram recommendation, check out Mikael Stahl
  5. Designers are starting to look to nature to solve problems such as the noise the bullet train made exiting tunnels in Japan. As our problems grow more complex, biomimicry is growing practice.  
  6. Tom Wallisch skies down the streets of Nelson, British Columbia in this insane video. I cant imagine the work required to organize and execute this video. 
  7. “No one is going to stand up and hand you a plate of progress in life. You must make progress by your own sheer will, discipline, and efforts every day.”
    – Brendon Burchard
  8. Oliver Sacks, a great neurologist and poet of science, speaks to how imitation is the root of creativity in The River of Consciousness.    

  9. Mary Iverson blends found photography with oil and acrylic paint, ink to produce these beautiful geometric paintings. 

  10. There is a tension between getting work done and the experimental play required for creative work. 

Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume 157

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Stefan Draschan spend hours hanging around museums waiting to photograph people who match the artwork. The resulting pairs are so similar that it would seem that it was staged. 
  2. Finding himself in Death Valley during a dust storm, Matthew Ord creates this gorgeous series in the swirling dust.  I am willing to bet he still is finding sand in his equipment. 
  3. I have spent a lot of time watching videos of Stefan Kunz creating his awesome typography pieces. In a world where most work is created with technology, its super impressive to do what he does with pencil, pen, or chalk. 
  4. James Lake transforms simple cardboard into stunning sculptures. I hope Amazon sponsors him in the future. 
  5. I have no idea how you can sit in a tiny kayak about to go over a waterfall and not panic. The slow motion sequence only heighten the feeling while watching Cascada.  
  6. “The reason most of us are unhappy most of the time is that we set our goals – not for the person we’re going to be when we reach them – we set our goal for the person we are when we set them.” — Dan Gilbert
  7. Photographer Kuba Rodziewicz traveled to the small country of Georgia documenting the geographical conclusion between Europe and Asia.  

  8. The artist, Oliver Jeffers, talks about how his early childhood experiences formed the artist he is today. A great look at one of my favorite artists. 

  9. Jordan McGee traveled throughout New Zealand to create this breath taking video. This only reinforces my desire to explore this gorgeous land.